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Winter - "Supreme Blue Dream" (Cassette)

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Winter is the project of songwriter Samira Winter, who's love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspired the dream pop/indie rock four piece. Samira grew up in Curitiba, Brazil listening to her American father's punk records, and her Brazilian mother's MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) tunes. While living in Boston during her college years she found a love for shoegaze which led to her collaboration with Nolan Eley who recorded and produced Winter's first EP "Daydreaming" and LP "Supreme Blue Dream". In 2013 Samira relocated to Los Angeles where the band currently resides working on their upcoming album "Ethereality." Winter aspires to connect people to their inner child by making blissful, beautiful, dream pop.

Swandive into our reissue of this shoegaze gem and let the azure tides of daydream-drenched euphoria wash your soul! Cop yourself one today!

Release date: September 1st, 2017

500 copies available on cassette!

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