TEEVEE - b a s k (Cassette)
TEEVEE - b a s k (Cassette)
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TEEVEE - b a s k (Cassette)

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Hailing from the heated sprawl of sun and psych-rock that is Austin (TX), TEEVEE, manages to conjure up some of the most atmospheric and original neo-psychedelia music to ever grace our ears. It's a 3am drug-fueled street hike thru sonic sidewalks of fuzz and reverb, topped with rolling croons of cool and laden with lo-fi love.

  Pick it up to get down!


Side A: Loretta, Junk Driver

Side B: Lovedrive, Slow Tide


Release date: August 22nd, 2017

 100 copies available on cassette (200 made)!



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