GLOVE - "Personality Change/Enervate" (7" BLUE VINYL) - Wallflower Records
GLOVE - "Personality Change/Enervate" (7" BLUE VINYL) - Wallflower Records
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GLOVE - "Personality Change/Enervate" (7" BLUE VINYL)

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"Glove, they're from Florida, and they're fucking legit." - Ryan Lindsey (BRONCHO)

"Their live shows are honestly some of the coolest and freshest musical experiences I've ever had. It's like they've found a secret that nobody knows about." - Shaun Williams (The Nude Party)


Based in Tampa, Florida - Through their short-spanning career, Glove has managed to establish themselves as one of the most integral bands within the American music subculture due to their infectious and outrageously profound live performances. Inspired by the sounds of Devo, The Cars, New Order, and Gary Numan, members of Glove began writing music with a heavy emphasis on 70s synth and dance music that could be performed by a live band. "They once asked me to describe their sound, and I came up with 'New age tone zone of chrome.'" - Shaun Williams (The Nude Party). Now, after releasing their first two singles off their debut LP, Glove are preparing to release their debut LP titled 'Boom Nights'.

Through self-booking and minimal online musical content, Glove secured opening slots with acts such as The Growlers, The Nude Party, L.A. Witch, BOYTOY, Omni, Cosmonauts, POW!, Surfbort, Mattiel, Moonwalks, Jacuzzi Boys, and many more.


Release Date: Feb 5th, 2020

Limited to 300 copies of 7" blue vinyl


Side A: "Personality Change"

Side B: "Enervate"



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